Feature Freeze

Sometime in the next week or week and a half? Basically once we get the current batch of minor to-dos (truck squish bug, supply spy, whatever zerg has going?) finished.

I’d like to stop adding new stuff to the game and spend 1-2 weeks doing something of a big push on extra stuff not directly related to the game.

In addition to the obvious hardcore playtesting, the stuff I think is important (please post what you view as higher/lower priority):

  • Installer package (which maps to include?)
  • Visually appealing nation/unit guides. Spiked already did the text for the GBR, just need some pictures and whatnot.
  • A new set of loadscreens
  • Autohost infrastructure - think we can pull together 2-3 autohosts?
  • Tutorial replays/youtube videos
  • if the rest is accomplished, preparation for the first multiplayer campaign, tentatively scheduled for 1 week after release?

Tutorial video subjects (best to keep these individually short, I’d imagine):

  • “The basics” - unit construction, resources, capturing flags, initial build orders
  • Infantry mechanics/suppression. How rifles/SMGs/snipers/MGs/mortars/AT guys/observs/flamers all get along, and the effects of scary fire.
  • Supply mechanics. How they apply to infantry, how they apply to armor/guns/vehs, how to avoid stalling.
  • Something about how armor and guns work?
  • Differences in play between sides (ie, soviet start vs british start vs us/ger start, ect)

If you have some clarifying ideas for these or have some to add (hopefully not too many to add), post here.

I’ve only been waiting for a feature freeze for like 6 months now :stuck_out_tongue:

After seeing the current efforts on the spring forum, some commentated replays would be good too, I think. maybe just one.

I do not think a multiplayer campaign is feasible at this time. There’s simply too much work needed for it, and we’re already hard-pressed to get the basic game out.

Until we either have more free time or more manpower I think we should drop all extraneous projects and concentrate solely on completing development of the actual game.

That said, there are still some features I’d like to see before next release:

  • Mouse-over flag radius, exactly like supply radius (with white rather than yellow).
  • An intuitive process for mine removal.
  • Replacing all infantry models with new versions (US is 100% in this regard; Britain has a bit more texturing to do; bob’s bringing Germany along well although nothing ingame has been modified yet; Soviets havent been started at all)
  • Finalization of naval assets (ie producing unique vehicle barges for Germany and USSR, unique infantry boat for USSR)
  • Fixing transportation scripts: Mainly 1) Removing infantry from being transported far below the vehicle so that their icons show up bouncing around the map as the vehicle moves; 2) Improving/overhauling unloading process so that infantry unload in a plausible manner (for this I am thinking that telling a transport to unload at a location will have the vehicle approach said location and then arrange all transported infantry in a circle around the vehicle as they “hop out” on all sides, rather than teleport several meters away two at a time or in a circle).

Well. I don’t think we can wait for all the inf to be replaced. Floz and I were thinking a release in under a month.

Likewise, I’m not fussy at all about naval things. Yuri is coding mine removal.

The “actual game” is release-ready in almost all respects. Some things are rougher looking than others, but generally (once we fix up the new engine buggery) the game is quite ready. That’s why I want to stop doing work on the game soonish and focus on extra stuff like installers, ect.

The infantry will be replaced within a week, Nemo. Just replaced all British infantry models (save for towed guns).

Also, most of what I’m proposing is just smoothing the rough edges. Last I checked, the water transports are still quite buggy and unmanagable in an actual game situation, and transport vehicles are buggery to use.

An installer would be nice.

Saturday at midnight for any -new- stuff. So Saturday during the day I’ll be doing mine removal anims and probably supply spy code. Tonight I’ll be doing the scripts for the new truck/gun units and mine removal anims.

Things that are ongoing and won’t need huge amounts of testing to ensure they’re ok (ie, new inf models) we’ll say get 'er done by wednesday? With an eye towards 23rd-24th-25th for release?

Something of an action plan needs making for the course of this week, ie places to advertise, who can do installer stuff, autohosts, overhaul of tutorial/unit guide with pretty pictures and such (and beyond a unit guide, a shorter, more general guide to play with lots of pictures would be good). Tutorial replays (which I can work on with someone, preferably using teamspeak to coordinate). Proper loadscreens. Some glamor materials (which can also be loadscreens <_<).

Most of this stuff isn’t nearly as hard as the construction of the actual game, and involves rather less thinking work. Which means, of course, that sometimes it’ll feel like serious drudgery. BUT - the more we put into this crappy part, the better our chances are for a truly awesome release.

Floz - do you think you can set up a proper unit guide on the site, or shall I do that? I figure just dividing up the information into different pages and smaller chunks would be good, add some media, ect. So the “guide” link on the navbar would then breakdown into General gameplay (with eventual links to the youtube vids and the major topics) and Unit Guides (with a link for each nation, units broken up into factories).