Feature CEG Gadget

Plays a given ceg when a feature is created or destroyed. Nothing fancy code-wise.

Use: The customParams ceg_created and ceg_destroyed control what ceg is spawned.

light effects? wow cool… well the tiger was a vehicle which made really alot of smoke at the
“Exhaust” <— (translated with google)

“Exhaust” is correct. Although in this case the smoking Tiger is knocked-out–the Spring engine does it for us; we’re not that fancy yet =p

I have all of the german vehicles rigged for fancy death explosions (emit points all over the hulls in various directions), so that might be one thing to pursue if we want to do really fancy death explosions.

This approach is certainly better for applying something fairly uniform though (like infantry going pop).

The main reason I wrote this is that features don’t have scripts. With this gadget, if you shoot an abandoned tank long enough it will burst into flames.

ähm i noticed the new texture on the tiger… wel it looks good (very good) but the shadows of the turret are part of the texture basicly if he turns the turret you can see the shadow of the turret on the chassis not moving like burned in… i think you know…