Fast Question

Hello guys,

I am currently not available in General so i wrote this topic,

just a Question is somebody of you guys expierienced in Spring1944 on a 64Bit system Windows/LinuX ?

Are there lacks or something like this?

Hope somebody can answere.

See you guys in December (Maybe earlier) then again, cuz i have a lot to do. (exams and crap)


I play Spring 1944 on a 64-bit system running on Arch Linux. The game works fine for me with good performance, except that it freezes for about 10 seconds after the starting timer has reaches 0. Also, the game crashes when a player(either a bot or a real person) gets driven from the combat area, the game crashes to the lobby and gives a segmentation fault.

My system is:

Intel T4300 2.1 GHz Dual Core processor
nVidia gForce G103M graphic card with 512 MB on-board RAM

Is that SVN or pre-M 150? Also, I haven’t heard of a crash on player death, just on bot death…can you post the infolog.txt from one of those games (where a player died and the game crashed)?

It is with pre-M 150. I’ll get myself killed as soon as I have time to produce an infolog.txt of that situation. Do you also need an infolof.txt of a crash on bot-defeat?

(I am not so sure anymore that I did crash when I was defeaten myself anymore)

thx i was just asking that because i want to use 64 Bit System in future.
so cya then. I will try to have a look at the Forum as often as i can. ^^

  • Debian 5 on amd64

  • using the official buntu packages as per the linux install guide

  • works like oiled lightning && very stable

System: c2d 1800Mc, 2GB RAM, nVidia card.