Fake ammo gadgetHandler callins

It would make ammo handling in C.R.A.I.G. a lot easier if this would be event (callin) based like pretty much everything else.

Would it be an idea to add the following “fake” gadgetHandler callins to Spring: 1944?

-- called exactly once just after a unit used it's last piece of ammo
function gadget:UnitAmmoDepleted(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam)

-- called exactly once just after the unit has been 100% resupplied
function gadget:UnitAmmoRefilled(unitID, unitDefID, unitTeam)

I wouldn’t mind making these myself once I need them, but putting it here anyway in case you guys don’t want custom modifications to gadgetHandler (in that case the functions could still be put in the GG table of course), or in case someone else is interested in implementing this (which would give me more time to work on other parts of C.R.A.I.G. :slight_smile:)

I smell a project for FLOZi! If you’re up for it, of course.

I’ve got no objection to this, although I probably won’t implement it personally soon.

FLOZi! Who is a good lad?

I’ll look into it.

Great, thanks in advance :slight_smile: