Excellent if Rough Battle

Subject sums it up.

Silver + Waldo + Neddie against Pintle + Godde + Option

Though Waldo and I rebuffed a number of feints and offensives, we were fighting the tide most of the game.

Nice battle by the looks of it, but the artillery spam kinda ruined it in the end.

I was more worried by the sniper spam from minute 10 onward, but both are of concern to me.

Arty spam didn’t seem too awful to me, the snipers are certainly an issue though. It seems arty needs some looking at though - they still seem to be a bit too efficient at the ‘point at a base and fire until something dies’ tactic.

I committed some changes to snipers using the armour system and pricing, but I think we should look seriously at the armour system in general before release, and these changes need testing. Artillery I’m mixed on…

Artillery accurucy is bugged. After they hit an HQ for example, they stay accurate.

Someone forgot to fix colours.

Epic 25pdr spam by pintle.

Achilles FX piece is not hidden in script.

New idea to arty:
it’s like the lightbreak effect of watersurface , if u aim without LoS a target , your aim will start 2 move randomly before each shoot, u wont hit your target,so if u want 2 base snipe (without LoS) u will need LoS 2 keep your aim at target, even if it hits your next shoot without LoS wont hit because your aim has moved.
I think not even arty experience accuracy reset will be needed.