Every so often, something incredible happens...

Players:Godde vs Nemo
Map:Darkside Remake (a 6x4…)
Game version:Market Garden 1.5
Engine version: 0.82.5
Awesome rating (out of 5): ****
Comments: Not a stellar example of play, but I was pretty excited with it considering it was my third 1v1 in several months. And hey, any game where Godde doesn’t immediately stomp the opponent is worth a watch, right?

Cool features include blatant abuse of the german small map advantage, air, howitzers, sniper spam, .30 cal spam, and a big turnaround on a small 1v1 map (see, it is possible!)

:astonished: You… yo… yu… you… yo… y… you… YOU… YOU BEAT… YOU BEAT GODDE!
I was crying at game end.

Anyways, I’ll blame it on Godde not using air to blow up your 2 supplies… that would have put you both even, and at time for a comeback from Godde… His truck-death repeat factory waypoint reveals he wasn’t playing on his six senses…

And Godde… used the forbidden unit on you… the pack howie. But luckily for you he didn’t get to exploit it.

The pack howie is counterable! Snipers do an awesome job of nuking packhowies.

Tell me about it… :wink:
Even though, I almost always give my pack howies very good inf support, so sniping them is very hard, as they are always some meters behind my lines. That leaves snipers as a good counter, but very hard to employ if they are expected by the enemy.