ETA vs ETE for plane sorties

Ok, this is might just be a little bit too picky but I’ll mention it anyway.

There seems to be a little confusion among the general public regarding the meaning of the ETA acronym (I blame Hollywood :stuck_out_tongue:). The “T” in ETA (estimated time of arrival) refers to a point in time not a time interval. What that means is that if it’s currently 5:00 PM, for example, and you’re expecting something to arrive in 15 minutes then it would be incorrect to say “ETA, 15 minutes”. The correct expression in that case would be “ETA, 5:15 PM”.

If you want to express the amount of time you’re gonna have to wait for something to arrive then you would use ETE (estimated time en route) which in the preceding case would be “ETE, 15 minutes”. Furthermore, ETA and ETE are related by the equation ETA = current time + ETE.

The reason for the above rant is that the plane sortie gadget announces the delay for a sortie to arrive using “ETA, some number of seconds”. I humbly request that this be corrected to use “ETE, some number of seconds”.

Not the worst idea in the world.

Might be an idea to also change the included Build ETA widget, since that’s showing build ETE too, technically :stuck_out_tongue:
(unless for building stuff it’s different again, which I can imagine, since they aren’t really “en route”)