error when starting the game

ive just installed spring 1944 but when i try to start a game i get an error message telling me to update my graphics driver.

i have the latest driver for my graphics card and my card should be able to handle it so i dont know what to do.

any help would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

Please post your infolog.txt

LogOutput initialized.
Spring (0.80.5-0-g17b4710{@}-cmake-mingw32)
Available log subsystems: mapinfo, CollisionVolume, unit, VFS-detail, VFS, ArchiveScanner, Sound
Enabled log subsystems: Sound
Enable or disable log subsystems using the LogSubsystems configuration key
or the SPRING_LOG_SUBSYSTEMS environment variable (both comma separated).
using configuration source “C:\Users\Skycaptain\AppData\Local\springsettings.cfg”
[CMyMath::Init] CPU SSE mask: 120, flags:
SSE 1.0: 1, SSE 2.0: 1
SSE 3.0: 1, SSSE 3.0: 0
SSE 4.1: 0, SSE 4.2: 0
SSE 4.0A: 0, SSE 5.0A: 0
using streflop SSE FP-math mode, CPU supports SSE instructions
OS: Microsoft Windows
Microsoft (build 7600)
Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.00GHz; 1022MB RAM, 2046MB pagefile
OS: 32bit native mode
Using read-write data directory: C:\Program Files\Spring 1944
Scanning: C:\Program Files\Spring 1944\maps
Scanning: C:\Program Files\Spring 1944\base
Scanning: C:\Program Files\Spring 1944\mods
Scanning: C:\Program Files\Spring 1944\packages

What is your graphics card?

Geforce 7500 FS