Equipment of modern Russian airborne soldier

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This is the equipment of airborne scout troops. They are trained to operate behind enemy lines for days without any additional supplies, so they have to carry enough on them.

Listed equipment is minimal, commentator says several times that troops often take more then that when going to real missions.

Basically each has an AK-74M assault rifle with 450 rounds of ammo. Each carries 4 hand grenades. Half of the squad carry grenade launchers (attached to AK) with 10 grenades. Half of the squad carry one-shot anti-tank weapons. Specialists (mine warfare, communication, machinegunnner, sniper) carry their special equipment as well (except the machinegunnner may not have an AK and some other stuff because he’s already heavily loaded, and the sniper probably doesn’t need the AK as well). Some have sidearms including the ‘silent’ pistols. Of course there is additional stuff, like knives, ropes, small shovels, explosive charges and so on. And they perform airdrops when carrying all of that.

Does this relate to the modern mod in progress? Perhaps we should make them a subforum.

Btw. August, 2 is the Airborne troops Day in Russia and most other exUSSR countries. Today everyone who ever served in airborne troops (and some who didn’t but just want some fun) is wearing camo uniform and a blue beret, drinks much, starts some fights and traditionally goes for a swim in the nearest fountain by the end of day.
(and if real airborne troopers find out someone is pretending to be one of them, but actually isn’t, then that person is going to learn in a painful way why blue berets aren’t handed to just anyone)