Does anybody know if we will ever have a unit that is able to commandeer buildings and take over other units and enemy buildings? You could ad that as a feature to engineers. Kinda Like C&C. That would be a really interesting tactic.

Far in the future we may have the possibility of capturing enemy vehicles/tanks/buildings/garrisoning troops in buildings, but its well down on the ‘to-do’ list.

Also, we are consider allowing the capture of “Abandoned” units as a sort of resurrect mechanic, but that is distant as well.

Is there anywhere where we could see your to-do list? just so we could get an idea of what your planning on adding in the future. I already know about the ships and Single player, but what other stuff?

ships, air and single player compose everything that we have firmly planned. To be honest, at some point I imagine that we’ll want to declare S44 “done” and move on. At least I will.

I’m pretty sure eventually the team just wants a stable game they can play casually and not sweat over. We want a balanced, finished product. Nemo has other things to do, as do Spiked and myself. Not sure about the rest of the team.

aight thanks.

What about a “progress” thread like in third age total war (in twcenter), with a percentage of each part of the mod, and then an overall percentage at the bottom? That’d make progress clearer.

Because we’re working on a game that is evolving fairly naturally. We have a fixed unit list, but that’s really about it - everything else happens as we go. Also coding/updating a list like that would be a pain for us.

We’re probably not far from the next release. Maybe a couple weeks.

Engineers remind me alot of the engineers in COH that have satchel’s and bangalors, and would be of quite some use if it could work in spring. has this been discussed at all for the future?