Endgame weapon for GBR

I played with Ger vs zCram ,he had GBR . I knew i would win if the game takes long .
AS germany i could use

  1. jagdpanthers 2 keep his tanks away (and reduce their numbers).
  2. V1 waves , 2 destroy random buildings.
  3. arty and nebelwerfers 2 kill his defense

GBR has nothing for late game , 25pdr is weak

I suggest Mosquito

cost 20k
payload 3x 2x 250kg bombs
combat height 2000
arrival time 60sec

Very interesting, I would suggest an archer self propelled gun, and a comet tank, I think that the comet would be a wonderful addition because it probably had the best power weight ration of any tank in the war and it could offer some competition to the panther because its faster, better armored on the sides and rear, and has an okay gun(77mm) thats like the 17pounder, not to mention that its a good 10 tons lighter :smiley: but yes the mosquito would be nice since the british had several good planes.

The Lategame weapon of every faction was meant 2 be artillery. Some factions have even rocket atillery but GBR has the weakest arty , but in WWII they had enough stronger stuff.
Same 2 US side but 105mm arty can cause some trouble on enemy base or defense positions.

I Still say there should be a comet tank, it was amazing and in my opinion the best medium of the war

Taken from Wikipedia:

“The 11th Armoured Division was the first to receive the new tanks in December 1944 and the only division to be completely refitted by the end of the war. Because of its late arrival, the Comet did not participate in any major battles though it did see combat against the Germans.”

The game is called Spring 1944. A tank that was deployed end of this year and only used in few numbers in the last year of war should not be able to build in huge numbers in tankyards in this game. Maybe it should be limited like airplanes to a small amount that can be deployed at the same time.

Gameplay wise, it is not sufficiently different to the Firefly.

And if the GBR get their comet i want my Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte :mrgreen:

…or at least the Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster :unamused: :laughing:

i talk about playable things, comet didnt c much action, wouldN’T represent GBR gameplay (GBR tactics).

Maybe 3x throwing 2x 250kg is too powerfull,
2x would be enough, 2 targets per call in.

And its something different , a plane not a super tanks or arty.

Land Matress maybe? Tho, having too many rocket based artillery systems might ruin the game and their unique feel.

Common, the comet was way superior to the sherman firefly, maybe give GBR the ability to airdrop tetrarchs, 17 pounders and 25 pounders in hamilcars, that would be unique, and the comet saw action the ratta saw nothing, and wasn’t even made, or maybe a single lancaster that drops a grand slam bomb which would take out everything in a certain radius :smiley: :smiley:

i failed 2 make a mosquito , modeling is so complicated :cry:

You can ask to yuritch, or may be seek help in the spring forum : springrts.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=9

Or watch the spring wiki

spring1944.svn.sourceforge.net/v … RMosquito/

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I don’t see Mosquito as a good solution though, as there should then be Pe-2, Ju-88 et al.

Under the right circumstances, either a commando assault or large-scale glider attack does well for an endgame move. The Brits are more about whittling the enemy down than a final, crushing assault or bombardment (although infantry supported by a horde of Churchills is pretty hard to stop).

I wanted to give British Glider Troops a 6-pounder anti-tank gun to give them better anti-tank capability than just the pack howitzer.

Don’t forget the British also get the Cromwell Mk VI close-support tank with its 95mm artillery. The Churchill is also quite strong and able to spearhead and soak up fire and knock out infantry and guns.

Land Mattress was considered awhile ago but like emperor said Soviets and Germans already have rocket artillery, it’s supposed to be something special.

A possibility is giving the British the BL 4.5inch (114mm) counter-battery gun. It would have a much slower rate of fire than most other guns but have pretty good accuracy and range, making it more useful for hitting enemy artillery than replacing the 25-pounder as their main defensive artillery.

Churchills are lacking in anti-tank punch, but in an advance one can cover them with Fireflies or Achilles 17 pdrs. Unless they have serious AT guns aimed at them they are hard to stop. The Brits also have the option of a fast assault; the Cromwell is a zippy little tank (I forget if in-game it’s faster than the Sherman) and with halftracks and/or Kangaroos infantry can keep up with them. Combine the two and you have a Soviet-style “Hammer and Sickle” offense, except without the typical Soviet pants-wetting pre-assault bombardment.

A counterbattery weapon would be a good addition and would fit with the British MO in the game, rather than the German/Russian “Grid Square Removal By Rocket” option. The 6 pdr idea is also good, although I would still want to back them up quickly with armor and 17 pdrs and the M8 field gun is much more useful for shredding soft vehicles, structures, and clots of infantry.

I agree with the brits getting a glider assault if not the comet, and I have some suggestions, tetrarchs, tetrarch CS, 6 pounder and in a separate hamilcar a bren carrier to tow it, and then a gliderborne infantry squad to back it all up. By the way I have a question, why doesn’t the 2 pounder on the daimler take out the panzer III in one hit from the flank, it has a 57mm penetration at 500yards under a 30degree angle(I think)

The armor penetration determine how much damage that will go through. The damage is determined by the weight of the shell.
Light caliber weapons will do less damage even if they penetrate the same way as large caliber.

just play a game against a player with your level and u will c , the the 25pdr isnt enough , even with the range fix.
mass glider lol .

The Tetrarch was another seldom-used weapon; less than 200 were built and by 1944 only 20 were air-dropped as part of Operation Tonga during the Normandy Landings (which was about the entire remaining operational force). Only three tanks were left operational by August 1944, and those were withdrawn in September. There were some efforts to replace them with the US-built M22 Locust, but only 8 of those were air-dropped in Operation Varsity, March 1945.

In general, airborne units are not meant to put up a prolonged fight against enemy AFVs - they are supposed to capture objectives ahead of infantry/tank reinforcements as in Overlord, Market-Garden, and Varsity. The other option is a Hail Mary move where you crash them right into an enemy base and bust the place up - 4-8 pack howitzers, some mortars, a few commandos, and a company’s worth of crack British infantry are not fun things to have loose amid your HQ, barracks, and production yards. It’s just a matter of making sure that the gliders get there, which means first wiping out the AA guns and your opponent being unprepared enough to not have a rats’ nest of infantry and AFVs there.