Elite infantry squads?

I was wondering - are there any plans to implement elite infantry units, e.g. Waffen-SS or airborne divisions for US/Brits? I’m not really sure if the USSR had something similar that had a major impact on the war. I thought they would be useful, perhaps not quite as good bang for the buck in mass quantities, but they would allow increased control for special missions like loading on transports for a flanking maneuver, or working in a tight spot on the map where a horde of normal infantry would get clogged up and be vulnerable artillery. They could also have slightly faster movement speed.

Also, speaking of airborne divisions… I’m pretty sure this has been asked in the past, but I don’t know if there have been any developments since then.

Not really any plans for such things, apart from airborne troops which would be nice at some point but aren’t currently a priority.

USSR had elite units (Guards), and those weren’t infantry only (all IS-2 tanks went to Guard heavy tank regiments only for ex., plus any unit equipped with Katyushas was automatically Guards, and so on). There were some more elite infantry-only units such as assault engineers (who wore armor and were specialists in urban warfare, first deployed during the defence of Stalingrad, and then used all the way to Berlin).

All of those elite units, however, can surely wait before the game is released. We have enough units as it is, specialists would mainly be needed for a single-player campaign.

not sure if Russian elite guard is really elite…
iirc training in red army were very poor those days iirc… they get their training right in the battlefield at those rapid wermacht onslaught…cmiiw…
their spirit is extraordinary though…

Guards status was a kind of promotion. First Guards divisions appeared during the defence of Moscow - those who fought better than others were awarded that status. Non-Guard units were more common. The only cases I know of when Guard could be given to a unit w/o battle experience is the IS-2 heavy tank regiments and ‘guard mortar’ units (common name for all Katyusha variants) - those were automatically Guards. Infantry, cavalry and tank Guard units were already proven in battle when they received the status, so their training wasn’t that bad.
By 1944 training got better - there wasn’t such a need of fresh troops to patch holes in the frontline (unlike 1941-1942, Germans were on the defencive), so more time could be afforded for training, plus there were enough experienced instructors who knew Germans and the way they fight. It’s Germans who had rather bad training by then (because of the same reason Soviets had it before - soldiers are needed now and here to stop the assault, no time for a full training course).
Anyway Guards were elite compared to the rest of RKKA units, even if not at the level of elites of other armies.