So I had my first, thorough game test of the new economy, and I’ve got some feedback.

Overall it was very interesting. My first immediate thought was that in early game, before vehicles arrive, energy really has no use to you and can be completely ignored. However, as soon as your first vehicles rolls off the production line, it is incredibly important. I hadn’t bothered to put the effort into making sure I had ample supplies around the map at first, so when my first vehicles arrived at the front, they stayed about 5 minutes, used up all their ammo, and I had to send them alllll the way back to my main.

My fault though – and an awesome indication of the meaningfulness of it.

So I spent the next 15 minutes making sure I had stockpiles built up everywhere, and got back into it again.

I launched an attack on my enemy’s base with some T-34-85s, SU-100s, IS-2s and T-60s. My next thought was that the Soviets are really screwed by this economy. Most of their vehicles have dreadfully low ammo storage to the point that they can spend maybe a minute on the front before having to head back.

But I liked that feeling. It needs some fleshing out, though. We need “proper” stockpiles and proper storages. I was playing against a pretty big porcer so I didn’t get a chance to test out striking my opponent’s ammo supply but overwhelmingly I did notice that we achieved one of our major goals; managing your forces supplies is important, and running out of them in the middle of an attack can be devestating if your opponent is paying enough attention. After all of my tanks had run out of ammo I began the slow process of sending them back to the nearest source of supply – an oppurtunity that my opponent could’ve used to ride some Panthers up and shoot them all in the bum as they tried to disengage. It will mean for more tactical games; covering units attempting to disengage from battle with fresh units and infantry screens; attacking your enemy as he regroups, so on and so forth.

I’ll slap together a quick truck version of the supply stockpile with a proper model (ie a truck with supplies all around it) and the ability to morph back into its trucky self. And I hope to play more games. Also, we need icons! The numbers did their job but were ugly. We need more intuitive ways of letting players know their units are running low and running out of ammo.

maybe try something like the CA retreat Widget? That would be a fantastic way to work it, i.e. having them retreat to the nearest stockpile.

It would certainly cut down on the micro

Retreat behaviour will have to be cancellable though, else your units will likely run into enemy positions when retreating (remember the first C&C with the harvester running to the enemy base for resources from time to time, that’s what ‘run to closest supply point’ algo can do).
So, if you have some units behind enemy base and they run out of ammo, they won’t retreat right trough that base.

something we were doing for one of our mods was have a depot like you were using, but have supply trucks take supplies from the depot to the front, like a supply line. how ever the supplies on the truck run out so the truck has to return to the depot to be reloaded. units used the amount of ‘tons’ (the unit that archangel made for supplies) as they needed. as ammunition went down, they could be resupplied before entirely empty by how many tons that unit needed and how many tons the supply truck had that was in close proximity patrol. and the trucks had a visual model indicator for how loaded they were (boxes in the back). the lua was kind of buggy but worked and didnt use too much micro since all you had to do is build trucks and have them patrol a route to the front and back to the closest supply depot.

just an idea.

Well the way the CA retreat widget works is by having the unit retreat to the nearest patrolling builder, you can choose when they retreat (i.e. 20%, 50% 90% of their health, or you can turn it off, I’m no programmer but I assume you could edit this to make it Dependant on ammo count instead of health?), this would be good as you would only have units retreating to where you want them and when you want them.