Easy win with air

I rushed airplanes. JAL went for vehicles.

It felt a bit too easy.
Altough I captured more flags faster than JAL did but still a really easy victory for me.

Are planes too strong on a map like Okiriver?

Depends on starting position I’d say. If someone started on coast, then your planes can approach from the sea where there will be no AA to scare them away.

Edit: now after watching the replay, I can say that not knowing what your enemy is doing leads to fail. Godde’s base was unguarded most of the time! One motor boat to carry a scout there, then one pontoon raft, and the T-60 would be enough to turn the battle.

Transporting with boats to circumwent my defences could work.
But once I got air up I will see most of the map and be able to attack the t60 with rocketplanes.

Take a look at the replay and see just WHEN the first T-60 appeared. And when you got planes. And which of those happened first :slight_smile:
Information game is vital.

with 1 T60 drop ? u cant beat Godde with something like that.

I should have droped some partisans 2 kill his storage and i should have wondered about his defensive play , i was so happy that i could hold my line , i should knew it , on that kind of map Godde likes 2 rush air.

E: How about camo- or underground storages.