Dumbo in Escarpment ,panther in Verdant(preM_V210)

Nice game , i even used Jumbo sherman, but favored regular sherman later.USvsGER in Escarment.(132719)

GBRvsGer in Verdant (175821)

Very bad that in Verdant there was no firefly. Air unfortunately has no longer a supplementary role somehow, it either ends the game because it owns all or fails completely, if the foe has forseeingly built rediculous amount of flak. The deposit idea is one thing that could possibly soften this a bit but perhaps there are other ways.

Air had a supplementary role in our long FFA game. Scout neglecting, killing tanks, destroying buildings. But on a small map or a map with little resources planes tend to either win or lose the game.

Wolverine does 400 damage at its max range vs Tiger that doesnt seen right to me for its cost . Wolverines can be used frontal now because of their amount they kill even a tiger and historical the gun wasnt able 2 do that at max range only at close range with special ammo that only the M10 had.

Rather than adjust their cost, I think I’ll start playing with that armor mult very slightly again if this becomes a trend. Wolvs - should - be incredibly cheap, but ineffective vs heavy armor. 400 is still quite little, but with 5 of them it adds up quickly. I’ll wait to see what other relationships look like before changing too much, but I’d rather have more well-defined unit roles than just bump up the cost of the wolv until it seems more or less appropriately cost effective.

Are we talking Tiger I or II here? On the Tiger I the M10 could pop through the frontal armor at 500 meters or less if using HVAP ammo, 200 if using standard AP and it hit the upper hull. I’m not sure how the armor penetration is calculated with varying ranges in the game, but at closer range 5 M10s should worry a Tiger I. Long range, the Tiger can probably kill all 5 without being much more than scratched.

Tiger II, different story. In Lyuban v1.07 I experimented with some canned engagements versus Soviet tanks, using a veteran Tiger II (experience ~ 5, 33,000+ hp). Head-to-head (frontal armor on all tanks facing each other) at point-blank range it killed 5 fresh IS-2s in one engagement for the cost of about 12,000 hp, and after repair I set it against 21 T-34-76s. Killed all of those after taking about 3,000 hp damage.

Tiger I at max range of wolverines gun, upgunned sherman uses same gun, but only TD had that special ammo. Upper hull isnt the biggest target, turret armor matters. Most tanks ,TD had some weak points wich were hard 2 hit.

This calls for an M36.