Downloads for something OTHER than Ubuntu 10.10?

Hi, all;

I’m staying on Ubuntu 10.04 since it’s the last LTS release. I have no plans to upgrade any time soon. I’m also considering a move to Debian testing for my next hardware build.

I have to think that there would be a lot of interest in this game for people on Debian, Fedora, etc. Is there a simple tarball/installation script for those of us not on 10.10? If so, where can I find it?


use lobby to download the realase. Anyway you should not have problem to install ubuntu package on debian, but i did that several years ago so…

i’m also using Ubuntu 10.4 for playing spring. I used all of the distro you listed, so here is my conclusion. If you never installed debian don’t erase ubuntu, install debian on another partition to be sure that u are able to install it and run everything. If you are a experienced user, so I invite you to take a peek at Archlinux, the best so far!

Lobby? Not familiar with that. I normally use either Synaptic or apt-get commands to manage software on Ubuntu. Could you point me at a link for it?

Thanks for the pointer to ArchLinux, but I think I’ll pass. I’ve done a fair amount of distro hopping (RedHat, Mandrake, Gentoo, Debian stable and unstable, various flavors of Ubuntu, etc.). I’ve gotten dis-satisfied with Ubuntu’s ‘cadence’ releases and want to get back to a rolling release.

I want something that uses .deb packages, not .rpm or straight tarballs for most installations. I want something reasonably up to date but not bleeding edge. I also want something with a HUGE repository and the staff to manage it. Given what I’m looking for, Debian testing is probably as close as I’m going to get.

so yes, debian is for you.
for spring-lobby on debian watch here : … pringlobby
IRC you don’t need to install spring-engine, it comes with spring-lobby. Maybe djl is something who can interests you : but i don’t know if they have spring with lobby in their database