hello i sure just being stupid, been a member on hear for about 2 years now. finally i get a e-mail there seems to be some activity. but there do you down load the spring engine that allows me to play??? i got nothing installed/working need help

some has viewed this and not helped, that is really not good. like i say i have been a member for ages, i just want to try and play this game. i do a games radio show i reviews games its what i do. why are people so unhelpful. please some one help

Download spring here

write " /j #s44 " in the multiplayer lobby to join s44 channel

download MG 1.5


MG is here:

Or you can download it through the lobby.

We’re also planning to put out a full installer to simplify the process once our next bugfix release is out and the latest Spring release appears to be stable.

you only waited 12 minutes and you say that people are unhelpful, you have to remember that not everyone is on this forum 24/7. :neutral_face: