Don't let Ppsh host your games

Is this behaviour encouraged

  • it is okay
  • we need better ways to deal with it on engine side
  • curse the frenchman

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Players:[SIN]zCram vs [AI]Ardh
Host: [Ants]Ppsh
Game version: r2780
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating: 1/5
Comments: He can’t play you straight, even when just hosting a game where you are up with someone else. There was no agreement prior to the game, even not with Ardh, who was rather suprised of that all happening.

I am aware that this posting propably doesn’t comply with forum rules sections 3, 12 and 13. I hereby apologise.

Why don’t you join the autohost ?

You know that when I host, I do what I want. By joinning you knew it, dont join if you dont like. I had forced unit restrictions on that game, Artillery was limited to 1, nebels to 0.

But still I was realy bored about how effective was the german mobile AA. one could destroy many planes costing about 50 times its command cost.

Air is ineffective, this is vey annoying.

I like the concept of active spectator. The spectator ( me :smiley: ) has divine powers and can interfere when he is unhappy of the game. Its like an arbitrator. I like to help newbies.

I remember a CA game hosted in the autohost, jk used his admin rights on the autohost to stop the game which was running. Because ennemy team used tactics he thought unfair.
This autohost belong to him, I have nothing to say against.

Well now i know, will stick to autohost in the future then.