Domain names

Just cause they were still free I registered:

They are all pointing to koshi’s server currently, however I still need to talk to him to set up vhosts, in case we actually want to use any of those names. If we don’t want them I’ll just have them expire a year from now.

They actually work now, thanks to koshi:

EDIT: note forum cookies don’t work properly when using those, cause phpbb is too stupid to be able to work properly on multiple domain names at same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, thanks tobi. That reminds me that I need to track down Felix and sort out

Also, while saying nice things to you - brilliant find/fix with the transport ammo bug.

if anyone wants a mail address (proper imap mailbox or simple forward) lemme know. Same goes for mailman mailinglists ( for example, just became automagically available :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks Nemo.

I tested on Spring test site, when I make cookie domain empty in PHPBB settings there, it seems to work on any domain.

I tried to find if this has any (security) implications, but couldn’t find any. PHPBB FAQ, item 23, actually says this:

I would like neddie at the various domains, forwarding to

That’s something you’ll have to ask koshi, for that to work he has to add that address to the mailserver and configure it to do the forwarding.

I might have to change the MX records though to allow these domains to receive e-mail at all tho, but that’s the only thing I can do.

change links in #s44 topic maybe?


That means forum should be made working with either the domain used in #s44 too, or with all domains (as I pointed out above)

What actually changed in forums now btw? Cookie domain set to empty string or something else?

As far as I can see, logging in now actually works from spring1944.{net,org,eu} domains, but doesn’t work anymore when using

Cookie domain set to empty string, indeed.