Documentation, the wiki, and me.

I busted my left knee 1.5 weeks ago and they’ve extracted some fluidum out of it. I can’t bend it fully nor walk very long distances or for extended periods of time. Carrying loads is out of the question. This dramatically restricts my freedom to move around and do farmwork. Thus I have resolved to spend a part of my time helping prepare mainline s44 towards the next release. As [S44]Nemo has told me, the most pressing bugs now are engine side and already fixed in git; so I concluded that the areas in the poorest state were documentation, wiki, website in general, instructional replays and other newbie-friendly items. I’ve met some terribly gone-wrong newbies too, lately. I hope to make fix if you people agree, so far I’ve been only communing with [S44]Nemo and koshi.

I’ve made this for starters:
Everyone is encouraged to send me any typoes, improvements (diff) or what ever kind of criticism they like.

Thank you.

To bad you hurt your knee. Good to have you back though.
I’ll propably be on in the weekend if you want to communicate with me.

Sounds bad, I hope you will recover soon.

I’m so sorry for my ons and offs. Real life likes to kick in so hard. Seems that sometimes you can’t help it being afk for an year :S

Heya zCram - no worries, we’re all kind of bobbing in and out these days. Probably most active area of development is yuri and JAL working on a mod to add japan and italy.