do u need any models?

Hi im chezz and i am new here :slight_smile:
i really like the concept of the game and would really like to help out by making any models u need help with :slight_smile:
i model using wings 3D and can export to almost anything :stuck_out_tongue:
i am a beginner who is learning how to model
heres a model i have just finished, its a p51, but its very simple and not very detailed… :slight_smile:

let me know if you need any help :slight_smile: … 32/p51.jpg

can i take it you dont need any models?

We’re pretty much all set for models of units - Yuritch is an absolute machine. However, if you want to model map features from places that aren’t Russia (city buildings, trucks, houses, farm implements, flak towers…whatever takes your fancy and may have been seen in Europe during WWII, really), that would be neat. I can’t promise they’ll be used right away, but its probable that they’d find their way into a map at some point.

ah ok :slight_smile: i might make some sheds then!

If you could also include partially destroyed structures and corpses for the full ones, that would be great. Walls and crops might be handy as well.

ive made some wheat, ill start on different types of walls :slight_smile: