Dive attacks!!!

It would be nice if all planes except bombers gained alot of height after each attack.
Planes seems to go straight at their target and they usually go too close to ground. Because of that they can’t get many shoots off before they need to straighten up and they seem to miss alot more.

If their target is in a little hole or a valley they might not get a single shoot off when they pass.

Microing interceptors so that they gain height after each pass improves their effectivity and ground attack planes will hit alot more if they dive attack for some reason.

Dive attacks might also keep the planes in a smaller area and if they stay in a smaller area it is easier to avoid AA.

I played around with GBRTyphoon.fbi. Decreasing turnRadius to 500 or 700 improved their performance when attacking ground alot. They used their shoots faster. They were more accurate. They stayed in a smaller area and they made more succesful passes if the enemy was in a valley. When they have lower turn radius they loop back near their target much more often and attack from a higher angle which is especially good in hilly terrain. Making planes loop more often would propably improve planes effeciency against ground but I could not find the tag for that.

maxBank is set to 0.09 which make the Typhoon use the rudders instead of rolling when it turns but when the typhoon get a target it seems to neglect the low maxBank limit and seem to roll how much it want and using rolling and pitching to turn instead.