Disscusion - Texture Artists!

Hello guys,

so Yuri and I was talking alittle bit about the updates in the actually svn and i asked him what with the models is i actually made?
Well there are not only models i made also some other models which need skins to get ready for coding or the game.
So basicly we need Texture artists or Skinner which can make this job.

Ideas i had is to ask other Dev-Teams if we can have one of there texture artists for a while.
Or if someone of the leaders ask in the spring forums…

Basicly no modeler-artist wanted to waste his time on models which dont see action.
Spiked said you guys need buildings so i made the buildings long time ago and i showed him every render and every renders are in the forum.
They are okay… now i expect as modeler that they get ready for sure.

So just my mind to the texture-artist lack we actually have.

(mind… my english isnt that good dont missunderstood anything…)

Well, if any team wants to lend us a texturer, I’ll be happy with that. I doubt anyone would though.

Texturers are in extreme short demand in most modding circles, for whatever game.

yeah thats true…

I promise nothing but PL keeps encouraging me to figure out UV Mapping and texturing.

well i tried often to texture but well im not really skilled in it >_> It everytime looks ugly lol :unamused:

Learning to texture comes in stages.

Compare my very first attempts at uvmapping with my latest.

It also helps to have a good uvmapper, like Flozi, or to learn it yourself.

Then it is basically learning to utilize the proper tools to create realistic-looking detail, learning preshading, highlighting, how to create shapes, duplicate how something looks, yadda yadda… it is not easy. Even with me my productivity comes in short spurts which is why I hate so much texturing buildings and other large objects. Smaller objects I like; they can be done relatively quickly. Structures can have lots of different detail requiring lots of different types of looks on a single model/texture map.

Anyway… if you can’t texture, you can always learn to uvmap. That is relatively easy to learn, and once you do learn it, relatively easy to master, since it is just about using a good uvmapping program (Like Ultimate Unwrap), learning the relevent commands you’ll need, and no artistic flair needed – just learning to create dense, well-organized uvmaps. That would help us few texture artists quite a lot since we don’t have to worry about uvmapping the model, too.

I will try my best, however im Offline from 10.7 to 26.7
well the problem isnt that i cant handle texturing the problem is that i really hate painting xD i had an E in ART in the 6th grade lol