Direction, sounds, stuck units and icon indicators

I very much enjoy playing Spring 1944. There are a few things I feel could be improved however:

Setting direction on the move orders (to be able to queue a deploy in the correct direction easily), although I recon this is a spring issues rather than a S44 issue.

Mortar and machine gun sounds are too intrusive, almost sound like a broken speaker, whether this is accurate or not it becomes a strain on the ears, I’d appreciate a milder sound.

There are the occasional issue with troops getting stuck in barracks/headquarters, not too often but still not something one wants to worry about. (May or may not be useful, but a wider exit or exits on the sides giving it a more “tent” feel might help.)

It would be really nice if suppression/pinning indicators could be shown on the icon level (as that’s the level one generally has to view the battlefield to really see what units are out there).

I’m looking into using a glow for this data, which if done right could solve this problem.