Iam sorry if iam doing something wrong but as far as I can see there is very little instruction to aid some one new to your game getting it up and running. First of all the full installer you provide DOES NOT WORK. I assume at this point the file is corrupt at your end. Secondly I have downloaded teh full spring engiene software and followed the ‘instructions’ to add spring 1944 to that. It says ‘put the file in the mod folder’ WTF!! It is a zipped file. I unzipped and put in mod file in the folder and that didnt work. I put the zipped file in the folder and that didnt work. I thought id get creative and drop the file on the auto button or whatever was included which seemed to work. I was then told i must go into spring lobby and refresh maps using the tool bar. As far as i can tell there is NO spring lobby. I had a spring ca lobby. I tried that. NO TOOLS BOX TO DRAG DOWN!!! ARGHHHHH WHAT A PIECE OF CONVOLUTED SHIT. MAKE IT CLEAR!!!

First of all, [color=red]DON’T SHOUT!!!ONE!!ELEVEN!

Second, current installer has troubles (it does not have springlobby included for a start). We’re working on the next one which will have those fixed. But, as the number of people online suggests, quite a few were somehow able to figure it out anyway.
Files are put to mods folder w/o unzipping. The autoinstaller tool should do that for you just fine. “Reload maps/mods” command is in the menu (not on toolbar), in Tools menu to be precise.

Ask questions nicely and you’ll get answers. That’s a good rule that works most anywhere, here included.

I have a great idea to make cool in game tutorials ^^

Well just to say it, on Ubuntu (switch linux) :laughing: you currently have no problem koshi did great work. I personally think the .exe file dont make sense.
Just give a link to the Lobby/engine files and to the sd7 file of spring44. I think JayJay is not wrong hes right that if the exe dont work you guys should not give it free for download, how ever i would say that you guys only make a self-installing file (exe) if the final version of S44 is released, the game is switching and get alot of changes so that a exe dont make sense for the current state. And if i would be the admin of the Homepage, i would write a clear tutorial how to install the game in linux and windows easy and fast. (i can do it too if somebody correct the mistakes then, and update the page)

Dont extract .zip. Place zip in mods folder. Rename extension from “.zip” to “.sdz” (I thnk) or, barring that, to “.sd7”, one of the two. Voila.

I assume the issue here is with s44.koshi.homelinux.net/files/Sp … taller.exe ?
That file hasn’t been touched since 2009-03-25 01:37, the sha1 and md5 respectively are:
1d0dc417cc4c2f727ce36cfc9fbfbe84b9b43a7f and f88768fbb0a7bf5011da21bfd8a0b72a
the size is 212441950 bytes
In short: if that file were corrupt server-side, no one would’ve been able to use it in a month and a half.

Huh? Having built that one I’m pretty sure it does include SL. Also, if anyone is working on improving it, I hope that work is done within the automatic builder framework I set up. So that future installers can continue to be built on my server.