Different light tanks for vehicle yard upgrade

So I was thinking

currently we have ability for vehicle yards to upgrade to allow for them making Light Tanks.

Perhaps we can replace these vehicles with different, similar-roled ones. I believe the way Light Tanks are placed in the vehicle yard counteracts the “similar role” problem. Would also allow perhaps for more significant balancing changes to better suit their inclusion with the light vehicle yard.

Proposal replacements are:

German: Panzer III replaced by Sd.Kfz. 234 “Puma” – same armament, the Puma has much less armour protection but is faster.

Soviet: BT-7 Cavalry Tank – Again, same armament as the current T-70 but significantly less armour while faster.

British: T17E1 Staghound – 37mm armament more in-line with the current Daimler, but with much more armour (~45mm frontal compared to ~15mm for the Daimler). Alternatively the AEC Mk II can keep its place in the upgraded Vehicle Yard and be removed from the Tank yard (or Britain can be kept as-is)

US: Possibilities, M24 Chaffee – much lighter armour than the Stuart (about half the thickness, around 25mm max) but armed with Sherman’s 75mm gun.

These changes would require minimal rebalancing, most of the work being models and textures.

Where would we put the light tanks? I’d just insert them into the basic tank depot.

As I understand it, light tanks will be in the tank yard (where they are now), and proposed vehicles will take their place in Vehicle yard.

Spiked: gogo tex the BT-7, that model is sitting in svn for more than a year now :slight_smile:

Flozi: gogo uvmap BT-7, its been sitting in Yuri’s SVN for over a year now.

But why?

If the roles are similar, the units do not need to be included. The mechanic works rather well right now, so I don’t think it needs changing.

There is a point, you could start texturing Italy?

The point is mixing things up a bit by including different units. There’s already a lack of unit variation in the game. At least this proposal doesn’t step on any toes.