Development priorities

Hi community!

I’m trying to find some time to dev s44. However, I guess we should first discuss a bit on the development priorities. In fact, I have a lot of things in mind:

  • spring-105: We have tons of problems with spring-103 & spring-104. Theoretically, spring-105 is called to fix all of them. However, I can’t even try to addapt s44 to spring-105 until they have not the “GL 4.1 core-profile” engine ready.
  • Better AI: Probably a great way to catch players is deploying a better AI. It is however a huge development task.
  • Campaign: This probably depends on a new AI. Very low support from the community in the first development stages.
  • Spring: 1940: yuritch already advanced quite a lot on that
  • Spring: 1944, Spanish revolution: Similar to the previous topic.
  • Naval battling improvements: It is well known that several players complains about sea battles.
  • Maps
  • New content: Fortifications, Variable weather conditions which may affect speed or visibility…
  • Lobby

Buumi suggests Naval and spring-105

IMO spring-105 should be a priority. It will probably be a relatively smaller amount of work than any of the other points, too.

I tested the spring develop branch (by means of 2 patches:, and it seems they are still requiring GL 4.1 with backward compatibility. I did not checked if they have drop all fixed pipeline stuff, but have not changed the GL context creation yet…

I enforced a GL 4.1 core profile context, and at least the game is running… See

However, as expectable, all the rendering stuff is failing (you can even see “something” disabling the units/features custom shaders).

Let’s see if Kloot gives some feedback about the development state

  • engine upgrade is a priority as it will need to happen sooner or later.
  • Instead of a hard-to-create better AI, I propose the chicken AI to be adapted and tweaked. This combined with maps pre-populated with units could make for good introductionary sessions for newbies that would require low amounts of effort. As far as I know you ( @Sanguinario_Joe ) or somebody else has already worked on something for pre-populating maps, correct? Think Normandy invasion or cross-the-Maginot-line missions.
  • Campaign could eventually be created from above with little additional effort.
  • Spring 1940 & Spanish revolution, while nice to have, are imo a waste of resources.
  • Naval: Perhaps 105 will lessen the pathing issues? Postpone until 105 migration is complete?
  • Lobby is a priority yes, I’ll resume work on it mid july.

Furthermore about the lobby, I’d like to see some artists attempt to create a better UI that makes the lobby much more newbie friendly while still exposing SL features to advanced users. @s44yuritch

I have an idea to improve the lobby: Fix the chat panel on the lower half of the screen, so that no matter which tab is selected above(battlelist,battleroom,singleplayer,replays,downloads), people can always chat concurrently. This would also mean that battleroom chat would become a window in this panel and that the chat tab would be removed. Also move the large tab selection buttons to the left side of screen.

I think i can make certain improvements to spammer and craig to be less shitty, but its gonna take me a while.
Particularly due to the fact that i dont have a working spring dev environment at the moment.

Again spring map edit environment broke down, once i get that up again i think i can come up with something.

Weather conditions are doable, i have something laying around but its not finished yet.

Was working on a new one based on godot, but there is a networking bug that makes it unusable.

Also i want to work on alternative game modes too, like finishing up my tower defense mode, i think those could bring a few new things to the table that might spark some interest.

All in all i can work on those things but im going to need a proper work environment first and its gonna take a while, as you can expect from me.