Development Group On ModDB

We should update this as well to increase our visibility as a project on the site. Add a few more of the team members, maybe write profiles and discuss responsibilities/interests? It would also be interesting to maybe link some of your various mini-projects to the group. Showing that we have people who are active and, well, crazy… that can create secondary interest in the project.

I updated this, though of course the effort won’t be terribly useful in general. … pment-team

I can’t upload these sorts of things, but S44 as a project kinda needs an icon on ModDB. Here is a placeholder.

Here is the icon for the Development Group.

I just read this, nice work neddie. I also stuck the mini icon onto the main project.

I was thinking, after Market Garden I could write another update, where I discuss what each of us is working on, and maybe get into what else we do.

I registered on

by the way… don’t work (which someone of you guys had in the description)

If anybody has an idea for more Development Group articles, feel free to pass it on.