Dev On Linux


 I would like to try making a map for S44; however, I have been unsuccessful finding development tools for Linux.  Any suggestions?

Have a look at SpringMapEdit. It’s in Java, so should work on linux.

I tried SpringMapEdit, but it will not run on my 64 bit computer. Is there anything I can do to get it to run, or are there any other tools I can use?

I’m not sure if there are any mapconv versions for linux, you’ll be better off asking that on the main spring board. Mapconv is a command-line tool that can make a map out of bitmap images.

Considering 95% of map making can be replicated in MS Paint, I’m sure there is hope for Linux map making.

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to compile mapconv on Linux, someone did it a while ago. May be very unpolished tho and/or require digging up old sources. It really needs a dedicated maintainer…

I did manage to compile mapconv a couple of weeks (maybe last year, dunno) back. I got errors left and right when compiling the map tho and ended up using windows mapconv with wine. Which wasn’t actually that bad

I’d be willing to take it over; but where can I find the SMF specification?

You can try looking at the main Spring forums:

SME has been opensourced and is written in java, which should be a better choice than fighting an ancient C/C++/whatever mapconv’s written in. Not saying that you should make it work, just to rip the good parts (SMF reader and writer, e.g.)