destroyers and submarines

Hello,in the spring wiki have I readed that the boatyard can build destroyers and submarines. But when I doploy the boatyard and upgrade it can I only build landing crafts, patrol and torpedoboats, amphibian tanks and landing fire ships. How can I build destroyers? :question:

Destroyers have been disabled because we don’t know how to balance them properly and they lack textures.

In this mutator destroyers are enabled. You need market garden 1.53 to play this mutator.
A mutator is a just an addon to another game/mod that shows up as a game/mod in when you try to host for example.
It can be placed in the “mods” or the “games” folder in the main “Spring” folder.

Good luck!

This file dont exist. Give it another link?

I was wondering how people feel about the Always Visible Flags option during a multi-player online game?