Deployment Mode additional units

Additional extrenuous units for my beloved Deployment Mode.


Sd.Kfz.251/2 Granatwerfer - 81mm Mortar Carrier
Standard Halftrack with infantry mortar in the back, providing armoured infantry support. Also armed with MG34.

Bergepanzer III - Recovery Tank
Gives ability to salvage abandoned tanks, both yours and your enemy’s.

Jagdpanzer V Jagdtiger - 128mm Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer
LOLtankdestroyer with huge, powerful and accurate gun.


M18 Hellcat - Light Tank Destroyer
Armed with 3-inch anti-tank gun and exceptionally fast, but lightly armoured.

M36 Jackson - Heavy Tank Destroyer
Heavy in gun only; it is no more protected than the M10, but is armed with a 90mm high-velocity anti-tank gun, the largest available to US forces.

M24 Chaffee - Advanced Light Tank
Light Tank armed with 75mm gun (as on Sherman).

M31 Recovery Vehicle
For recovering tanks, as Bergepanzer III.


Valentine VIII - Medium/Infantry Tank
Infantry Tank armed with a 6-pounder. Slow and only moderately armoured.

Land Mattress - Rocket Artillery
16-tube, 3-inch artillery rocket launcher.


BA-10 - Armoured Car
Light 6-wheel armoured car armed with 45mm cannon.


Combat Engineer
Combat Engineers will perform a select few functions, namely the laying and removal of mines and vehicular repairs on the battlefield.

On the salvage point, if you wait for post MG, I will be trying to balance salvage values for tanks/vehicles for Finland.