Deploying a Supply Truck


The supply truck deploys without any problems, I press ‘n’ on my keyboard and away it jolly well goes. But…
I cannot add it to my way-point queue (order queue) while holding down the shift key, it just deploys on the spot. Let me give an example -

I have a supply truck which I’m going to give a series of orders to by holding down the shift key: (wait) -> (move to point A) -> (move to point B) -> (load soldiers) -> (move to point C) -> (unload soldiers) -> (move to point D) -> and here’s where it falls over or I’m not doing it right because when I then try to add (deploy supply truck) to the queue by pressing shift+n it just ignores the order queue I’ve set up and deploys on the spot as soon as I press shift+n.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong or its just not implemented yet, I don’t know. Can anyone help please?

In which way did you bind n to deploy?

In my ~/.spring/uikeys.txt I have the following for ‘n’ -

bind n deploy
bind Shift+n deploy

There are no other bindings for ‘n’ in the uikeys.txt file.

The strange thing is when I make an order queue for say a ‘Pak 40 AT Gun’ or a ‘MG42 Heavy Machinegun’ with a shift+n at the end of the queue so it’ll deploy, it works fine, no problems. Any ideas?

Spring version -
Spring 1944 version - 1.53 Operation Market Garden

That’s because they are directional and require the user to set the direction.

I think it’s possibly an issue to do with the type of commands they are internally (directional are CMDTYPE.ICON_MAP, normal deploy is CMDTYPE.ICON)…

It may not be easy to fix this, sorry. :frowning:

Not a problem, I’m sure you have much more important issues to deal with anyway. Just didn’t know if it was something I was doing wrong. Will just have to remember to deploy the supply trucks manually after the queue is finished.

Thank you FLOZi