Daimler has fear shield while Greyhound doesn't

Mousing over a Greyhound with held down doesn’t display the little yellow circle from the fear shield. This got my attention 'cause the Daimler does display the circle. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight so I’m reporting it.

I was testing svn rev 3976.

Hey Tot, nice to see you around!

That isn’t actually the fear shield, but a purely cosmetic shield to make .30 cal and under rounds bounce off. It should be on both of them though, so I’ll do that next time I’m in windows and can compile scripts.

I’ve been 'round, but kinda in lurk mode XD. I still make time to test out 1944 revisions, though.

BTW, what happened with units’ LOS?. Was everyone the victim of horribly botched laser eye surgery? :stuck_out_tongue:. Just kidding, I understand that it’s an attempt to implement perception/stealth within the limitations of the spring engine. I wish spring engine devs would copy the Ground Control perception/stealth model, that one worked quite well.