Cutting off access to the map

I was German.
JAL was US.

He started northwest. I start mittle south. Rushed up my starting units to cut him off from the rest of the map.
Worked well.
He might have broken through if hadn’t gotten vehicles up there.
He tried to rush tanks.

The Germans are good for that - MG42s and AT infantry can hold a position for a bit against limited vehicle rushes and even tentative tank attacks, and once you can turn out a good number of Marders, well, the things can’t take much damage but they can hit armor harder than most medium tanks. By the time your opponent can overpower those you’ve probably already got Jagdpanzer/Jagdpanthers, Tiger Is or even Panthers ready to go.

Watched the replay - blah rushing!

I’m really torn about how to address this. What godde did was pretty brutal, and I didn’t feel like JAL had all that many options to bypass it - godde forced JAL to fight on such home turf that godde was free to expand all the while. perhaps the truck at start is just too much incentive to rush. that in conjunction with AA guns that can’t undeploy at start would probably dramatically slow down the start of the game and make it less about clicking like a madperson to get your rush going.