Crawling AT-infantry

Add an option to AT-infantry so that they could crawl while still being cloaked.
It doesn’t change AT-infantry much from how they are currently but it would be nice to test if it would be useful.
If it is useful it might open up for the same option for ordinary infantry aswell.

I think if AT-infantry can move nearly fast as other infantry they dont need 2 be cloaked while moving, u can use them in a buch of other infantry and kill tanks faster as with granedes.

Spring has a rudimentary target priority system that we utilize: A unit, when faced with multiple targets, will first shoot at the most “expensive” cost-wise unit as priority. As AT infantry are naturally more “expensive” (by our own design) they will be targeted before other infantry types. This is why for instance if you send a zergswarm of soviet partisans at a Tiger tank, followed by a T-34 at the back, the Tiger will generally ignore the infantry at first and try to take out the T-34.

Likewise, AT infantry “hidden” in infantry groups will still be targeted by units, even if you don’t know its there.

However this is similar to the idea I had a long, long time ago where all “cloaked” units, from snipers to AT infantry etc, would have an On/Offable cloak; when Off, the unit is uncloaked (obviously) and moves at normal speed. When On, the infantry will change to a “crouched” lower position when moving; it will move slower but will be “hidden” better and able to sneak up on the enemy.

However this would involve creating an entirely new “sneaking” animation for infantry models, which is a lot of work.

Anyway, the only AT infantry that doesn’t cloak is the Panzerschrek and PTRD, both because they are rather large. The Panzerschrek is also quite powerful and long-ranged, while the PTRD unlike the others isn’t an ambush weapon, it doesn’t need to sneak up into close range to get a hit.