CRAIG stops building if it loses all its logistic storage.

Not only does it not build any new stuff, the stuff that was under construction doesn’t ever finish building. It’s as if CRAIG had set everything to “Wait”.

I was testing svn rev 2782.

Can you test 2780 and see if the same thing occurs?

FLOZi: tested on 2786, and I think I know the cause.
When last storage dies, player’s logistics gets into negative (I’ve had -40 logistics). Under that condition, engine doesn’t allow anything to be built, even if it costs 0 logistics (because you actually have LESS than 0, so no go). This also affects all morphs, too - they freeze.
And that affects all the players, bots and people, equally.

Which is why I need 2780 testing. To see if my gadget changes are the problem. (probably is, they set storage to 1000, and storages actually have 1040, bizarrely. So it looks likely 2780 will work, but I need to know if there is a deeper issue before fixing things)

Tested 2780.
When a player has no storage, he’s left with 1 logistics there. So he can still build everything that needs 0 logistics. So yes, looks like it’s your changes to blame for the bug.

Question is, do i change the gadget to give 1041 (as the old one did) or change it to 1001 and change storages to 1k

IMO set it to 1041 so amount of storage is not changed. 40 logistics doesn’t seem like much, but it can well be the small difference that changes someone’s game.

Should be fixed in 2787.

Sad to report that CRAIG is dead. At least in svn 2787. CRAIG controlled units are idle right from the start. Infantry doesn’t move out to capture flags and engineers don’t build up the base.