CRAIG... I'm a little lost.

I haven’t seen it work for several versions of Pre-M on a variety of maps. I thought there were map profiles for CRAIG, but cannot remember which maps are supported, or how to make new profiles. I would welcome any direction on these points.

  • 1944_BocageSkirmish.smf
  • 1944_BocageSmall.smf
  • 1944_Caucasus_Skirmish_V4.smf
  • 1944_FloodBank_v0.smf
  • 1944_Kiev_V4.smf
  • 1944_Prokhorovka.smf
  • 1944_Road_To_Rome_V3.smf
  • 1944_Terra_Firma.smf
  • 1944_Village_Crossing_v2.smf
  • Aberdeen3v3v3.smf
  • AfterShock_V31.smf
  • Altair_Crossing-V1.smf
  • Aquatic_Divide_TNM05-V2.smf
  • ArcticPlainsV2.smf
  • Battle for PlanetXVII-v01.smf
  • CenterrockV12.smf
  • Comet Catcher Redux.smf
  • Crossing_4_final.smf
  • DeltaSiegeDryRevX_v3.smf
  • DeltaSiegeDry.smf
  • Deserted_Gully-v05.smf
  • DesertTriad.smf
  • Eye_Of_Horus.smf
  • FrostBiteV2.smf
  • Geyser_Plains_TNM04-V3.smf
  • Glass_Dreams-v01.smf
  • GRTS_River_Valley_1.4.smf
  • Mercury_v1.smf
  • neurope_a7.smf
  • Prokhorovka_1944.smf
  • River Dale-v01.smf
  • rysia.smf
  • Sierra-v2.smf
  • SnakeIslandV2.smf
  • Tangerine.smf
  • TheColdPlace.smf
  • TheHunters-v3.smf
  • TitanDuel.smf
  • Tundra.smf
  • Verdant 1944.smf
  • Xelric_Draw_beta2.smf

This are the ones supported atm.

On other maps it should fall back to some more basic spam, but I admit I haven’t tested that for a while.

I’ll try to take a look at it sometime soon.

Haven’t seen it work?
What you mean?
Up till 240, I had tested every Pre-M version in very different maps, ranging from crimson paradise to Chess v2, to Folsom Dam deluxe etc…
With C.R.A.I.G. working perfectly fine…

I have tested it now too, AFAICS it works.

EDIT: hmm or maybe not if it’s Russia.

Instructions for adding waypoint profiles for more maps are: (copied from SWIW forum)

  • Create folder craig_maps next to your maps and mods etc. folders
  • In game, enable Waypoint Editor widget (included in .sdz)
  • Use N to make new waypoint, M + hold mouse on one to delete it, drag mouse to move / toggle connection,
  • Use S to save, L to load (yes I know, conflicts with losmap on / off, so pressing it twice works best :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • On widget / spring initialization / shutdown the waypoint profile is automatically loaded / saved.
  • To make the AI use the waypoints, put the .smf.lua file that’s written in the craig_maps folder in the LuaRules/Configs/craig/maps/ folder INSIDE the .sdz archive. Only then the AI will find and use the waypoint profile.

Waypoints are used to support flag capping and to make the AI use multiple attack routes into the opponent’s base(s).
For a flag to be capped by the AI, there must be a waypoint inside it’s radius.

It would be great if you could send all profiles you finish to me so they can be bundled with next releases and used in other mods.

I miss waypointing… :cry:

Does that not work?