Content error

Whenever I try to load the map Green_Fields_fix1.sd7, it takes me back to the skirmish setup and it gives me a “Content Error” message saying could not open file: gamedata/sidedata.lua

what does that mean and how do i fix it?

Does this happen with that map only? If so, might be a map problem (I personally never tried that particular map, don’t know if it works).

yes this happens with every map just tried it with the rest I have downloaded.

Corrupted download somehow? I’m not sure, I haven’t seen this problem before, nor heard of it.

Use the new installer to reinstall the game clean. That should work in any case. Currently it looks like you have something corrupt in the Spring folder - either there are some files overriding the mod (unlikely) or your download is corrupt (installer has CRC checking so that should not be possible with it).