Complete newbie review.

Heard about the game form friend.
Googled spring 1944
Ended up on this site
Downloaded full installer from the downloads section
Ran the installer, installed the game (noticed that there was no “start spring1944” in the final installer menu)
The created shortcut is not in the same fashion as 1944 website theme/installer icon theme
Ran springlobby
Got about 4 messages stating that the whole thing is outdated
Let it download the new spring.exe version, which it. instead of downloading, redirected me to some website in my browser
Let it update itself, which it, instead of updating, told me that it could not fetch update and shown 2 C++ errors, while my system told me that springlobby stopped working, while it actually was working.

I gave up at this point.

Hope you will have better luck next time! Ill check back here in 6 months.
Hope what I said here helps.

Great review, would read again.

Thank you for the feedback Jak. We’ve focused mostly on the game itself, and as we’re just a hobbyist group, haven’t really expanded into the polish you might expect from a dev group that has money.

Anyways, we’re looking to release a new version fairly soon, so hopefully we can address some of these issues at that time.

I understand that this is not commercial project.

But you should also understand than I am an ordinary user, I do not do compiles, and I just like to play games, usually I pay for them, but some free games are really great too.

I do not think that I am obliged to figure out all of the bugs and issues with simple installation process of the game, as I would guess, many other users which come to this site to try a game.

I gave you my issues and why I did not manage to play this game. You can either dismiss it and continue playing with however many players you have daily (I do not think there are many, I could be wrong), or you can actually make this game simple to install so that the player can judge it from the content, not form how hard it was to install it.

We are aware of that, however, some of the points are outside of our control. We are not dismissing it - though Zveroboy may well do so, he does not represent the rest of us.

As you described it, you downloaded and ran the installer. The first problem thus was the lack of a start option. There is no easy way to do a start option, because the game requires both the lobby client and the engine. Loading the engine directly is only suited for testing, and starting the game through the client is a multistep process. We could and probably will have it simply open SpringLobby (the lobby client) upon installation completion. I think we can run a bot in the lobby which can guide people toward their first single player or multiplayer game, if we have the fresh install default to the Chat tab.

The thematic difference is similarly a result of the multi-program structure. We will discuss making the 1944 branch of SpringLobby perhaps more like this site, but that will take time and involves another development team.

When you run Springlobby it checks for the engine version and the version of the lobby. They are both outdated there because we build full installers manually on major releases and otherwise release and distribute testing releases through the lobby/as the game content files alone. I believe we discussed having the main installer automatically rebuild with new engine and lobby releases, while retaining the current stable game content release, and this can be done, but again will take time on our part.

Now, as for the update process, it directs you to the website so you can download the ideal engine package for your purposes. I do not know why it doesn’t simply autodownload - it does have a torrent system implemented internally - but that would be something for me to discuss with the SpringLobby team, which otherwise is outside of our control.

The lobby does not necessarily need to be updated, it requests it and most people ignore it. It was unable to update at that point probably due to a version conflict, once again I need to talk with the SpringLobby team.

We are very concerned about usability issues, but as they involve a variety of factors outside our immediate control they are often difficult to resolve. We know most people who download 1944 never actually get to play it, and we try to force the percentage of players up during collaborative cycles with the various teams and projects who have an impact on our usability. Your input is useful, and it points to some basic assumptions that we make about user behaviour.

  1. We assume that a user will dismiss cosmetic or inaccurate bugs, i.e. the C++ errors.
  2. We assume that the user will be comfortable downloading the new version of the engine from the engine download page.
  3. We assume that the user will be able to work around the lack of a click and play option at the end of install.
  4. We assume that the conflict of styles between elements will go unnoticed.
  5. We assume that given barriers in general the user will simply climb over them.

Your post indicates, once again, that these assumptions are not helping us, and are not valid. The user wants a package which appears and works, tossing them either into single or multiplayer, with no barriers after initial download. We as developers also favour this model, but have thus far been unable to obtain it.

We will redouble our efforts to do so, thank you for your time.

They have the possibility and will to do anything with the main lobby service w/o prior notification. They can switch the main lobby server to require new versions of lobby client or engine, while the new engine might not even yet compile correctly on some platforms or it may contain serious bugs (this has happened repeatedly in the past). There is no consensus or agreement on these things, or even a well-respected etiquette.

This is my concern.

On a bigger scale, some mods require older engine versions to run. But the lobby imp doesn’t allow that! How’s that for a design concideration. This whole evolutionary model is beyond my ucking comprehension.

For the last few versions there has been time for the community to test and report such bugs between the time the release was made and the moment the lobby version was switched.

If no bugs are reported in that timespan, we can not really do anything other than conclude that there are no bugs worth reporting. (Or, more realistically, that people haven’t tested, but I don’t think we can wait indefinitely until finally it has been tested enough.)

We are also aware that the current way how spring version is enforced isn’t ideal, but it’s the only thing we have right now, and changing it is a major undertaking that probably requires changes in engine, build system, lobby server, all lobby clients, etc.


I’m A noob too, I’ve persevered and have made it run some sort of test where it loaded a map and the camera was active but past that I’m having trouble,

Neddies post hear has shead a little light on it and I will continue to try and figgure it out.

All of the how too / faq docs iv’e read so far are to say the least bafeling or about an old version (not the 1944 ones only)

Maybe we could start a message board topic on advise for noobs ? And build a good faq.

I looked at the wiki but the page wasn’t working that was getting started, maybe a broken link ?


so just so you know this is a possitive post , looks amazing and am strugling on with it.(maybe I’ll spend all tomorow :wink: )