compiling from svn

Hi, I never tried spring 1944 and I would like to start playing from the svn version since there are a lot of improvements and new and nicer models.

Is there a how to on how to build it from svn (I didn’t find one)?


You don’t need to build S44 from svn, it’s already in playable form there (S44LiteRelease.sdd folder). Or you can use SpringDownloader, it gets latest test version automatically.
If you mean compiling Spring engine, then that’s another topic entirely and better asked on engine forum:

OK, thanks. I am now able to start the game. What I did:

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I installed spring-engine 0.81.2-0ubuntu1. Then I did:

cd /usr/share/games/spring mkdir mods cd mods/ sudo ln -s /path/to/S44LiteRelease.sdd/ S44LiteRelease.sdd to connect the spring engine to the spring1944 game just downloaded from svn.

Then I installed a map (download from

cd /usr/share/games/spring sudo mkdir maps sudo wget Now I started ‘spring’ and I can select Spring: 1944 $VERSION as a mod and the map.

In Ubuntu, BTW,there are two conflicting versions: … rds=spring

Package spring lucid (games): a modern full-3D RTS game engine [universe] amd64 i386 Package spring-engine lucid (games): realtime strategy game [universe] 0.81.2-0ubuntu1: amd64 i386
Do you know why two versions? Does they have different API?

Edit: OK, I should have downloaded maps. Post updated.

Silly question: did you download a map?

No, indeed. I updated my post, just in case should be useful to others.

Spring 0.80.5 is obsolete, don’t use that. Why it’s still there I don’t know, probably package maintainer never bothered to update it.
0.82 is close to release anyway, so soon 0.81 will be obsolete too. 0.82 contains changes that break most existing mods unless they are updated (s44 is currently compatible with both 0.81 and 0.82, but may start using 0.82-specific features after the engine release).

OK, thanks.

Hoping it can be useful to others I added the instructions for downloading from SVN on the wiki: … 20versions … 0the%20svn

FYI, I have opened a bug report for the two similar packages available on Ubuntu: … bug/612905