Competition from PURE

First of all, if you have no idea what is P.U.R.E, go to moddb. It is featured on the front page.

With PURE RC1 released, I’m reckoning that the release of s:44 will be postponed. Why?

  1. PURE has gained No.1 rating on ModDB.
  2. PURE is a much awaited mod, being watched by many on ModDB. (Same as S44 though)
  3. PURE has received good overall responce.
  4. PURE has a new UI.
  5. PURE is released NOW.

How to counter those points.
A: We could do that, if we keep supplying them with trailers or sneak peaks.

A: We are the same.

A: Time will tell.

A: Get a new UI.

A: Do the same.

Although some of you may not think that the word “competition” is the correct word, releasing during the PURE season may be disastrous. Unless, of course, you hire Yuri to do the job. If S44 received negative responce, the developers might quit, supplying the reason as wasting their time.

Although I have no idea of when S44 will be released, I am just recommending that the time to release Spring44 now is bad. You already stated on the Spring forums that you might be releasing S44 at the near end of August or around that, well, your time is up.

What I am suggesting is that you re-release that “lite” version of S44 (with a warning of the 2 v 2 and above bug)and see the outcome. OR, you post some updates on ModDB. Then, if that PURE excitement have gone down, release your S44, provided if it is finished.

Don’t have your valiant efforts go to waste.

We’re not idiots, I promise.

Edit: the end of august/early Sept date was wrong - we’re going to wait until after the next spring engine release has been hammered out so we can distribute a package with a more widely-used engine rev. Thus ensuring that people can actually play against each other right away. We’ll probably craft some missions as well, and its entirely possible that we’ll borrow some code from PURE (things like the help system, ect).

We’re moving slowly right now for a whole series of reasons, but I’m getting settled so infantry scripts and more mission work will be happening in the next few weeks.

Pretty sure we won’t be releasing before the new Spring version, probably a few weeks after it as there will be a lot of extra testing to do.

As for your points, I would be shocked if we gain anything like the kind of popularity/attention that PURE is getting right now. People are generally MUCH less fired up about WWII games, particularly WWII RTS games. That’s just life. If anyone has ideas on how to counter the massive weariness concerning WWII videogames, I’m all ears.

I’ll be happy if we end up with enough people to play games on a weekly basis or so, and the end number of player hours exceeds the number of dev hours (or at least comes close).

PURE is a little hyped. Once you get past the initial awe of the models and textures the gameplay is slow and a relative clone of TA (which may lead to popularity), simplistic and shallow, with an overachieving attempt to tack a cool post-retro backstory to it all.


1.Your WWII game is very much different. IIRC, this is the only WWII game that has focus on base-building and economy.
2. maek a campaign! :smiling_imp: