What are the teams thoughts about the in game player messaging system and are there any plans to maybe implement real time voice communication during multi-player battles in the future? Or perhaps bandwidth consumption and hardware performance are issues that can’t be ignored at the moment?
It would just be so sweet if you could get on the radio to your team mate and call in some air or artillery support; I’ll keep dreaming. :wink:

Teamspeak, mumble, etc. Engine devs don’t want to reinvent the wheel by including voice communication in the engine when there are enough free third-party implementations.

Take a look at the channel header in the lobby S44 channel:

Couldn’t find the channel header you mentioned but I found lots of other interesting stuff about Mumble. Are there many s44 gamers that use Mumble during battle?

This might depend on the players and importance of a Game. But I remember that I played with Godde and Nemo over a year ago using Mumble :slight_smile:
Always interesting to play with people from other places :smiley: That’s cool