i was reading the “Making stationary long range artillery more complicated.” thread and it got me thinking, having radiomen/commanders with something like a command radius(500 elmos) would be cool.
units in the command radius can be given orders, if said commander dies(sniper) units become more susceptible to fear 1.2x multiplier, and become uncontrollable(will follow last order given by commander/retreat(in fight command mode) to nearest command zone(automatically set to “roam” move state)

vehicles and other radioed units will also have a command range(smaller, maybe 200-75)

commanders will gain exp as a portion of the exp their troops gain(rifleman kills sniper-> +3.0exp -> commander gets .30)

higher exp commanders will give a stat boost to their troops in all stats(vet commander can boost stats to max 1.2* original value)

just a cool thing i thought up to give the game a more in depth feel(i have no idea how to code(for now evil laugh) so dont count on me to make it)

This would change (as far as I understood) the gameplay. So I cannot rush units to the end of the battlefield. If so units get uncontrollable and as result they might die. So I need to keep them in my commanders range.
Not bad at all. I think this could be a game mode on it self…
Rommel and Tank formations had their own command vehicle… I guess.

Yeah. Could be pretty cool.

Some other ideas I had was that only some units could order artillery for example. So if you for example wanted an artillery strike you would have to bring the commander along to send the order to the artillery.
Imagine if units could pass orders along. Like if you have this scout at the front and you spot a good target you would have to run all the way back to the commander or a radioman with to send the coordinates to the artillery.

Yeah… but totally different gameplay.