Command Storage

What does everybody think about the current state of command storage? Here’s my thoughts:

  • The current system will cause problems for planes, since ordering a sortie of planes currently requires that you have enough command “in the bank”. However, planes are very powerful, so we would probably want them to cost a lot of command.
  • One possible solution is to make planes take up cost gradually instead of all at once. However, since planes are not permanent, I think it’s important to be able to control exactly when planes arrive. This would probably necessitate some sort of stockpile system.
  • A second option is to increase metal storage across the board (standardizing a bit more would help too–for example, the Russian tank yard only stores 300, whereas the German one stores 4000).
  • A third option is to give all players a fixed amount of storage, perhaps based on the flag multiplier (Totubae suggested this). This may pose problems with dropped players, however.
  • A fourth option is to give all players a very large, essentially infinite amount of storage (1,944,000 :p). This is possibly my favorite option at the moment, although there are also potential issues with it; for example, it might make it too easy to recover from factory loss. I don’t think the potential for saving up a lot of resources and building a lot of units quickly is too much of a problem; it seems to me that usually it is easier and more important to have units on the field now rather than to try to leave room for quickly producing counters later.

I think that setting a fixed amount based on the flag multiplier in conjunction with an extended drain for planes (perhaps over the time it takes them to arrive) would be best.

My concern with infinite storage is that it seems like it would disconnect players from economic consequences or territorial concerns after a certain point in the game much more often than occurs now. So, if a player is winning for X amount of time and are running a surplus for any of that, the losing player has even less of a chance to recap flags and shift the balance; likewise, a player who has been camping out in a corner of the map without producing much for a long while will still have a massive backlog to pay out as they start to engage with other players. I agree that most of the time it is more important to use your production now for immediate forces, but I think that allowing that kind of bank-rolling makes economic balance way harder to control, particularly in conjunction with unlimited factories.

Easy fix is to just give flags storage.

Mega slippery slope.

Planes being hard to call because of storage isn’t that bad. We can make esp. dangerous things (medium bombers) require that you focus on them (stopping tank production for ex.) by giving them high cost, while more basic (or more defensive) planes like interceptors can cost a little, but just have a cooldown.

The problem at current is that if we increase aircraft cost (which is probably going to be necessary on a drastic level), people will have to build yards to be able to summon aircraft due to lack of storage.

What about merely setting a flat maximum command storage at the beginning of the game, in a game option - 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, 10k. Mirror that with an option of starting command - 1k, 2k … 5k. Command isn’t something you can store, like a good, command is a measure of requisition authority and personnel response. Since we need “storage” to make it work under the current implementation, we can merely set the “storage” to an arbitrary level.

People can exploit storage anyway. Get lots of constructors to make a building up to 99% then leave 1 constructor on wait mode next to the building. When you need more command move away from the building to regain the command as a building decays.

Of course, but when we implement this we can simply remove the decay option. This is clearly the primary use for it, and honestly, what command represents can’t just be used and then turned back when invested in infrastructure. You can repurpose facilities over time, you can retask men, but you don’t build half a foundry and then unbuild it. It stays there or you finish it.

Indeed. Like I said, it’ll just be tied to the resource multiplier modoption and abstracted from any units (and decay will get nuked, sneaky google :stuck_out_tongue:)

Another detail: Russian structures have very little storage compared to the other sides. Why is this?

Oversight, I assume.

I’ve changed all storage so that tank yards and radars store 4000 and all other facs store 1500.