Command drain for plane req, and stockpiling airdrops

Just been thinking lately that I don’t really like how planes are an insta-spend of Command while building any other unit drains it until it’s complete. Just seems a little weird to me and doesn’t sit well with the way Command income is balance. I mean, you can either afford planes, or you can’t. If you’re Command stalling then you’ll never be able to afford planes. If you’re riding a surplus of Command then requesting planes is almost inconsequential as you’ll make up the Command points used in a matter of seconds.

Also, for air drops, I was thinking rather than called in from the Radar site, they would be prereq’d in barracks until becoming available by radar being constructed. But as they’re mainly infantry, do we want it to have the same cost dynamic as planes? Imagine this: if airdropped infantry are fairly cheap (which I expect they would be) then it will be quite easy for a player to, rather than use them sparingly, perhaps use them to completely replace normal barracks building. By not building infantry at all players will save QUITE a lot of Command and therefore be able to repeatedly call in airdrops every couple of seconds, and after the first wait, airborne squads will get dropped pretty much every 5 seconds all across the map. The lack of drain from the barracks will ensure a player’s Command level quickly replenishes after every airdrop, since they themselves do not use a drain.

So I’m beginning to think maybe that planes should be built with standard Command-draining qualities before being deployed. Especially paratroops.

What would you suggest? One option would be a stockpile-like system: Each radar has some “buildspeed” which it can “build” sorties into an off-map plane stockpile from, possibly shared between radars. Built sorties can be then ordered onto the field (with perhaps some minimum time between sorties).

That sounds fine. Similar to OTA nukes, except yes, all radars should share a single stockpile “location”.

When a plane is finished, perhaps an icon can pop up somewhere like underneath the resbars, showing ready plane sorties, and similarly, airdrops.

Somehow I can’t see people spamming paras instead of regular inf if we price them high enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to be able to ‘stockpile’ sorties, since part of the point of aircraft is the ability to unleash a huge amount of power (in terms of command investment) in a very small amount of time.

+1, totally agree

(I already didn’t like planes costing 0 workertime :wink:)

I can’t see paratroops replacing the normal inf. First, they should cost at least no less than an adequate inf squad + some more for ‘delivery’ (and losing THAT plane MUST be penalized! Unlike the other crafts, this one is BIG). That already makes barracks way more efficient (to get more inf for the same command). Second, they can be shot down or intercepted en route. Third, big fat transport plane will hardly go unnoticed, so the enemy will likely know anyway that trouble is heading his way (and as much as a couple light veh waiting at the landing site can make short work of the whole drop).
Of course paras are a way to have inf ‘here and now’, w/o waiting for them to build, but IMO if you have this much free command, you could as well have built a couple more barracks to increase inf arrival rate.

+1 to stockpiling
-9001 to barracks building paras