Collision Handling

Silverfox23 brought up an interesting point. Presently, when units collide, they bounce apart, then continue moving, which is distinctly unlike WWII. I know people have suggested various things related to collision in the past, so I figured maybe we should discuss what we want to do with it. I think we could use Lua to force units to stop when they collide, wait for a few seconds, then continue moving. Would this be worthwhile?

Would this apply to both when friendly units collide and when friendly and enemy units collide?
Could this work differently for different units like if a tank drives into an infantryman he bounces while the tank don’t and when 2 tanks meet they stop?


Are we using it?

Not currently. It doesn’t do everything that’s been asked for, but doing it in lua is not remotely feasible. It should be applied to all vehicles but not infantry imo, at least as a first step.