Clearer graphics - Icons, 3d buildings.

As we all know, all the factories have the same icon, and many buildings look almost the same seen from above. Many veichles, although quite different also have the same icons.

This can be mildly confusing and should be relatively easy to fix. At least the icons… Actually I’ll sit down right now and make some new ones for the factories… Take them if you like them!

The 3d buildings should also somehow be different. Perhaps the barracks should have the faction banner on top be a clearer green, the HQ could be white, and the storage could be grey or silverish. Just ideas!

New players could get scared and confused by these unclear buildings and icons.

Anyway, I’ll be back in a little while with suggestions for new factory icons. :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep in in style…

heres my suggestion for how the different factories could look:

PM me if you want the psd or some other format. It’s just sprites right? or is it some vector thing?

I guess the rightmost 2 reflect how it would look in the game somehow.

H is Heavy factory
L is Light Vehicles
A is Artilley, Auxilary etc… towed vehicles.

Those look pretty nice. The icons could do with an overhaul, though I’m not sure I agree with making even more varied icons for vehicles, I’d prefer a system similar to World of Tanks (Diamonds for tanks with divisions for light, medium, heavy, triangles for SPG, square for arty etc.)

I know a lot of players (and other devs) disagree with my position though. :laughing:

thanks :slight_smile:

on a second thought I could make them a bit more different…
Lacking a bit in creativity atm lol.