Civies and Citizens

Well, some guys know that iam a EX - C&C generals player and on search for a newer and better RTS game i found, S44.
Anyway i miss something, i think it would be really cool to have a more “living” world, so what about Civies or Citizens on the S44 maps?
Or Rebels which standing around and are NEUTRAL if a unit or a enemy comes near to them they shoot with pistols or throwing stones, maybe?

Or citizens which ran away from tanks if my tank go near to them? Then the villige for example on Road to Rome would have more kind of “living”? Its just a idea idk if that would be possible as map object without adding a bot or sth.

Its possible, just a fair bit of work. Probably a distant future sort of feature.

It’s just the kind of thing Argh’s World Builder does. May probably be used in S’44 when he releases the final version, currently AFAIK no one but Argh himself makes use of that.

World builder just plunks down GAIA units and gives them orders - if it has a decently easy to use interface, it’ll be worth playing with. Otherwise we could probably just include a gadget in the map to do such things.

mhmm i only know that you can give every unit in the world builder a path which he goes but i personaly dont like the worldbuilder, anyway would be really great if there would be inlcuded this feature with civies…, i searching for someone who wants to test together with me the svn ? i tested it alot but i think the main “bugs” or mistakes you only can find in a real match. well back to topic i would say YAY i hope you guys can do it ^^

See you on the battlefield…

I suggested this a while back, long before the infantry remodel. The issue then was primarily the creation of numerous, distinct, civilian models. I had about three pages on this, with some regional designs, but I probably torched them with the Complete Annihilation rubbish. I’ll do some digging.