Current changelog (February 5th, 2009), Koltso —> Konstantin


  • Fixed building yardmaps so projectiles no longer pass through them.
  • Set grenades and molotovs to targerborder.
  • Lowered LoS miplevel to 3 (from 2). Should speed things up a fair bit.
  • Removed gun jammer exploit - they use stealth now instead;
  • Set observs to hold fire by default;
  • Fixed a lot of targeting preference tags, should lead to generally better behavior from specific target units (like AT guys, snipers, tank destroyers).
  • Partisan rifle FX fix;
  • Supply radius interacts better with spectators;
  • Equalized Transport Truck costs/stats;
  • More useful names/descriptions;
  • Maxrange indication added to deployable weapons;
  • Reduced crater-age from rocket artillery;
  • Mortar killing self fix;
  • Units no longer attack minefields (“moth-to-flame” syndrome);
  • featureDef handler update/fix;
  • Units no longer lose experience when they deploy/undeploy;
  • Removed minefield marker from the gadget, put it in a widget (only the owning player will mark it now).
  • Raised infantry slope tolerance a bit so they can access ‘kbot’ areas of older maps.
  • Mines no longer level ground under them.
  • Fixed areaAttack error.
  • Fixed transport behavior somewhat. Not perfect, but better than it was (use area Unload!)
  • Fixed dead barracks/HQ spawning bug.


  • Removed storage from regular Truck Supplies;
  • Increased deploy/undeploy time for trucks and halftracks to 20 seconds to deploy, 20 seconds to undeploy.
  • More than doubled deployed truck supply range (200–>450).
  • Removed supply trucks, merged their functionality with halftracks (from the veh yard). Mobile supply range of 200, deployed supply range of 625.
  • Added a check to the fear code to negate fear if a tank is in the radius. Basically tanks will keep your inf from being pinned by big shells if they’re nearby.


  • Grenade damage vs armor dropped back down.
  • Lowered HE damage vs armor to 60% of their damage to infantry. Usually amounted to a 40% decrease (ie, howitzers won’t stop armor dead in its tracks so much anymore).
  • Dropped commando cost to 85% of previous, cheapened airdropped commandos a bit as well.
  • Howitzers (plus Russian light gun, ZiS-3) and nebelwerfer +40% cost;
  • Tank Obstacle cost reduced (to 15, from 23);
  • Increased cost of Russian Vehicle Yard 15%.
  • Increase Logistics storage for storage structure and increased their cost -250% more storage, 200% more expensive;
  • Flamethrower cost increased 10%;
  • Commando crawls twice as fast, recovers from fear twice as quickly, and can not be pinned.
  • Commissar moves more slowly, doubled decloak radius, 15% cost increase.
  • SMGs much more accurate while moving. MP40 most accurate on the move, Thompson least accurate, small overall difference.
  • Thompson range down 15%, MP40 range up 5%

baaawwwwww wheres the churchill ammo increase, global tank ammo increase, churchill cost nerf (or is-2, sherman jumbo etc cost boost)

also: great work guys :smiley:

Oh sorry, forgot to write down some of that.

Churchill and jumbo costs got swapped, churchill got a touch more ammo. global ammo increase we’re going hold off for now, because we made supplying tanks much easier (mobile halftrack supply).

no nerfs to rocket units besides 40% cost increase?

Do they still need another?