Changelog Konstantin --> Lüttich


  • No more random decapping by random units (wooo tobi!)
  • Fixes to supply radius widget.
  • Sandbag MG added to armordefs (so it takes proper smallarms damage).
  • Fixed OpenAL crash for Linux users (again, thanks tobi)
  • Various COB errors fixed.
  • Switched to sidedata.lua and builddefs.lua (bye bye sidedata.tdf)
  • Removed lots of random junk in the folders (saberdude, ect).
  • Rank icon fixes/additions
  • Fixed planeSound widget.
  • Made props spin.
  • Cromwell CS, sexton, wespe made stealth instead of jammers for the arty detection mechanic.
  • New set heading tool for deploying guns and MGs.


  • Normalized all sounds.
  • New rifle sounds for all sides.
  • New German Unit voices. Thanks Daemos!
  • New firing sounds for: Colt, PPSh, PTRD, Walther, MP40, German 75mm short, German 75mm Long, 50mm, Webley, 20mm, all of the explosions, Bren, Sten, Springfield, 45mm.


  • Tobi’s CRAIG is now included with S44! wooooo!


  • Planes have been implemented. They include Recon, Fighters, Ground Attack and Fighter Bombers for all sides, with some unique things as well. Build the air control radar in the vehicle engineer build menu to access.
  • Vehicles now use turninplace=0. This means much smoother micro and faster handling. Downside: sometimes they drive in circles instead of stopping. This is an engine bug which is fixed next Spring Engine version.
  • Base spawning: the game now begins with 3 AA guns deployed, 2 logistics storage buildings, a HQ squad, and an engineer next to your HQ (or for russia, a full barracks squad). Makes the start of the game much faster.
  • New gameplay mode: deployment, borrowed from CA (tactics by their definition). Plop down units on the map before the game starts, and then have it out. This may be used in the future for very cool things. Check modOptions to use.
  • New gameplay scoring system: point system. Thank you KDR and EvoRTS for your PD work. With this enabled, each player has a fixed number of points, which are increased or decreased based on certain conditions. When a player runs out of points, they are out (removed from control of their units. Their units stay on the map though, so watch out in FFAs! :wink:. The two variants of this are Ticket Bleed (where owning more flags than the enemy causes them to ‘bleed’ points and you to gain them) and MultiDomination (where you need to own all the flags on the map for a short time to score points). Again, check modOptions to use. Ticket Bleed and Deployment mode go together particularly well.
  • New units: Aircraft, DUKW amphibious transport for US, AA guns for all sides.


  • Everything related to planes. Herk…
  • Practical side effect of that turninplace=0 is that vehs end up moving rather faster, since they don’t stop and reset their accel every turn.
  • MG costs down significantly (25%)
  • Standardized MG and rifle damage (a boost to MG damage)
  • Nerfed 37 & 40mm (Daimler/Greyhound guns) vs armor.
  • Stuart (US light tank) now fires canister rounds instead of HE. This means a 37mm shotgun, and wickedly effective vs infantry at close range. Much less effective vs buildings, though.
  • Suppression radii on all explosive weapons cut in half.
  • Logistics storage always begins at 1250 (that is, all of your storage is in the two storage buildings that are spawned at the start. This is to make a raid on the base more damaging).
  • Snipers greatly improved: 15% range boost, more damage vs deployed MGs and guns, ONLY DETECTABLE BY OTHER SNIPERS (largish range) AND OBSERVS (smallish range).
  • Fixed Soviet SMG squad having 2 extra men.
  • AT squads 25% cheaper.
  • Observ squads 25% cheaper.
  • Dropped the firearcs on all guns significantly (amount varies by type. Generally heaviest guns have smallest arc, and visa versa).
  • Raised price of all guns by 40% (gunyard drain up from -35 to -50).
  • Drastically reduced the fireArc for deployed guns.

Uh, Snipers still need a minimal detection radius by non-snipers. If they are hit by a truck, they must appear. It is only reasonable.

They still have a decloak radius, of course, triggered by any unit at all. Only the firing ping is seeable by snipers/observs.

Oh, alright.